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Arctic Film Services Finland is a leading film fixer service in Finland.

We provide logistical support and production services for production companies and agencies wishing to shoot in Finland. Our experienced location managers help you find exactly what your production needs are. We are passionate about filmmaking and producing content for local and international creators. Our team in Finland has worked with crews from Poland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, USA, UK, China, South Africa, Kenya and beyond. Recently we have worked with brands such as the BBC, Netflix, HBO, CCTV China, Channel 4 as well as numerous other production companies from around the world. We can provide global skills at a local level.

Our range of production experience covers everything from feature length films, international television series, major international documentaries as well as commercial content. We have worked on all genres of media from traveling shows with a crew of five to a fiction feature film with a crew of over one hundred people involved, and budgets ranging from four thousand euros to over four million euros. No matter how big or small the production is, we have you covered across Finland and we will send you a competitive quota.

Arctic Film Services Finland has two offices across Finland, one is in Helsinki and the other is in Tervola Lapland (about 75 km south of Rovaniemi). We excel at location scouting and film production all throughout Finland. The company owners are Lapland natives, which provides an experience and knowledge in location scouting and filming at the most remote and offset sites in Lapland, as well as the logistics when shooting in extreme weather conditions. We are also very flexible and come up with locations at the last minute, and our team is very accustomed to being inventive. We believe production challenges can always be solved! At Arctic Film Services Finland we know the ins-and-outs of film production in Finland.

Our services include

  • • Story development and research
  • • Application process for cash rebate and reporting
  • • Location scouting
  • • Casting / finding local talent
  • • Permits
  • • Hiring crew
  • • Equipment rental
  • • Accommodation / travel
  • • Translators
  • • Transportation
  • • Stock footage research / music rights
  • • Right clearances
  • • Post production (image and sound)
  • • Music (composing and recording)
  • • High end services for more demanding clients
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